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As a valued client, you get a secure, password-protected portal to store and access your important financial documents from anywhere at any time.

Whether you're at work, at home, or on vacation, you always have access to your tax returns, financial documents, or accounting database.  Our app allows you to access this information from any mobile device.  Download links are provided on our home page.

This portal also allows us to work together efficiently by securely exchanging documents and very large files.

Using your portal is simple.  Click the "Login" button on the top right of any page on our website.  You'll see a pop-up asking you to enter your login name and password.  If you don't remember your login name please contact the office and we'll be happy to let you know what it is.  We do not, however, have access to passwords so if you don't remember it, please click the "forgot password" link as shown in the image below.  New IRS security regulations require strong passwords, which must contain uppercase and lowercase letters, at least one number and at least one special character. Additionally, passwords must be changed every 90 days.


To view any of your documents, start by clicking the appropriate folder on the left.  All available subfolders will appear in the center.  In the example below, the only available folder is "Tax Returns".  

Once you click on that folder, you will see all available years.  Simply click on the year folder for that year's documents. All documents are available in a format that can be downloaded, saved and/or printed locally.


Uploading files and documents through our secure file exchange utility is simple as well.  Start by clicking the "File Exchange" link on the left.  Then click the appropriate folder in the center.  In the example below, the folder is simply named "documents".

Next, click the "Upload" button and drag and drop the files you want into the center box.  After dragging all of the files you want into the box, click the "Start upload" button at the bottom.  As an alternative, you can click the "Add files" button on the bottom left and browse to any files you'd like to upload.  You can tag as many files at a time that you like and you do not need to upload files one at a time. Once again, don't forget to start the upload when you're ready.

After the upload is complete, we will automatically be notified along with a list of all of the files you sent.

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  • "Great! Got back more than anticipated. Very happy with the professionalism and the handling of a problem with the IRS."

    -John R.

  • "I had never used an accountant and was interviewing so I could choose one if I decided to do so. During the interview I asked advice about two new financial matters as they relate to me in retirement. The meeting was excellent. Mr. Ross was professional, knoweldgeable and non-threatening all at the same time. "

    -Joseph C.

  • "Glen was terrific. After having a poor experience elsewhere, Ross & Company were like a breath of fresh air."

    -Len E.

  • "I provided all of the appropriate paperwork (electronically), and Glen Ross went through them, set me up in his system and asked a few questions. I also had some additional questions regarding 2013 taxes which he also promptly answered, while also giving the basis for the answers."

    -Piers B.

  • "First, the experience was excellent. I called and made an appointment to see a CPA. The receptionist was warm and professional. Ease of getting an appointment, especially during the current tax season, was excellent. When I arrived at the office, I was met by the receptionist who was again, very nice and professional. "

    -Brett M.

  • "I met with Glen in the Fall to have him look over my last return prepared elsewhere to see if he saw any mistakes that I might be alerted to by the IRS again in the future. He listened to my concerns (which were many) and he re-assured me that I really had nothing to worry about, (believe me, that is NO SMALL TASK!). "

    -Tracey H.

  • "We were in the market for a new accountant because our previous accountant of 20 years retired. We were concerned it would not be easy to find an accountant that we would feel comfortable with. But after searching, we came upon Ross & Company who had great reviews. . "

    -AnnMarie F.

  • "Receptionist was super friendly and professional. Asked our concerns and scheduled an appointment before the end of the year. Mr. Ross was exceptional in answering our tax questions at an intimate personal meeting. "

    -Lisa Z.

  • "Fortunately and unfortunately my taxes have gotten to the point where I simply cannot handle them on my own (using TurboTax) anymore. This became evident when I received a communication from the IRS that there was a potential issue with a past tax return. "

    -Matthew D.

  • "Finally! A cure for Tax-time stress! Glen Ross met with us for about 1 hour and prepared our 2011 taxes while giving us important information about Federal Tax Law. Meeting Glen for the first time was great and sat down with him for an hour or so while he did our taxes."


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